Why Choose Us

We use digital X-rays to reduce radioactive exposure to patients by 90% and increase clarity by 100%. We use advanced 3D imaging, digital photographs, radiographs, and digital models which are examples of how much we care about providing a winning smile and in a comfortable, efficient way.

We are here for you when you need us, 24/7. Someone is always available to answer your questions. We are known for our open communication; our patients are accustomed to talking to our doctor and staff at every appointment about progress or concerns. They receive email, phone, and text reminders for appointments.

We fabricate the highest quality appliances in-house, which assures superior quality in a minimal turn-around time. We provide an in-house laboratory with highly qualified technicians for superior quality control and better service for our patients.

We are a family practice that treats all of our patients just like family. You will feel right at home in our warm, welcoming office. You can enjoy our coffee bar, Wi-Fi internet, electronic games, and comfortable seating areas. You are always welcome to sit by your child or any family member as they go through treatment.

Dr. Ron Toothman has a developed a reputation as a top orthodontist in the area. His almost 40 years’ experience of treating over 15,000 patients and background in treating cleft palate and TMJ patients makes him uniquely qualified to treat any orthodontic patient. Dr. Toothman is a diplomat of the American Board of Orthodontics, which is the highest level of certification that can be achieved by an orthodontist. Only 15% of all orthodontists receive this certification.

Dr. Jeff Toothman works hard to continue the level of excellence demonstrated by his father.  In addition to his specialty training as an orthodontist, he completed a 2-year fellowship in TMJ and orofacial pain.  He is trained in treating cleft palate as well as orthognathic surgery patients.

We take care of you by offering flexible payment plans and accept insurance assignment of benefits. Our financial options include extended payment terms and no down-payment, ensuring that orthodontic treatment is affordable. We will even process your insurance claims for your convenience.

Spectacular orthodontic treatment requires teamwork with communication and commitment. We are famous for our friendly and caring staff. They are a dedicated team of individuals who have worked together for many years and take pride in their work.

We offer Ortho Sesame, which allows you to link to our website and view your appointment times, account information, or make online payments. We pride ourselves on our great customer care and service with the highest quality of orthodontic treatment.

Customize how you receive appointment reminders with email, text messaging, and voicemail options. You can also download a reminder for use in your calendar so you don’t forget your next appointment. After you log in to your account profile, you can confirm appointments online, reducing reminders altogether.