Queue Aligners

Toothman Orthodontics is proud to be an exclusive provider of Queue aligners, an affordable solution for minor to moderate tooth movement, such as closing spaces or re-alignment of previous orthodontic treatment.

Using state of the art digital treatment planning software Queue aligners are designed and manufactured on-site, which allows for complete doctor control in providing incredible treatment flexibility, efficiency, and case outcomes.

Align Forms Here

Queue aligners are engineered by our Doctor and team to provide state-of-the-art digital treatment options with superior affordability. Designed for correction of minor to moderate tooth movement, such as closing spaces or correcting movement of your teeth after not wearing your retainer, Queue aligners can be your perfect fit!

Leveling The Field

The game has changed. 3D scanning and printing technology has created an opportunity for 3rd party and mail-order (DIY) invisible aligner companies to become a true disruptor to the dental profession. We value the person behind the teeth, and as trained orthodontic specialists we take pride in understanding and educating you on the orthodontic options available to achieve your best smile.

Saving Time and Money

Queue Aligners are designed to be simple, affordable, and fast.  Using cutting-edge iTero 3D scanning, uLab systems virtual treatment software and SprintRay 3D printers, we manufacture Queue Aligners on-site, allowing for complete doctor control with quick turn-around times – accurate and efficient!

With starting costs as low as $250 down and low monthly payment options, Queue clear aligners offer an affordable aligner alternative to paying for high 3rd party lab bills or unsupervised mail-order (DIY) ‘experiences’.  For a more comfortable experience with up to 50% shorter treatment time we are pleased to offer the Vpro, a high-frequency appliance that helps to better seat aligners and increase blood flow around the teeth.

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